Microblading nyc

We specialize in the application and design of hair-to-hair or microblading eyebrows in NYC, this process consists of designing each eyebrow hair one by one as a tattoo, but it is not a tattoo like the one we do in another part of the body because It is carried out at the subepidermal level, that is, without reaching the deepest layers of the skin, therefore it is a work that is semi-permanent.

This process is completely manual, a microblading or pencil is used that contains microneedles that will go through the first layer of the skin, leaving the pigment on the client’s natural eyebrows.

This is a painless and non-invasive technique, because the pigment is deposited in the epidermis, it lasts for about a year, or we say about it because it depends on the care you have on your eyebrows and the skin of each person.

The eyebrow tattoo in NYC or microblading are procedures that have become popular in the market, thanks to the fact that they allow a perfect eyebrow design to be created that makes the perfect combination with your face, the best thing about this technique is that in a matter of minutes we can wear a much more marked look, thanks to the fact that we design the perfect arch for your face without having to do it every day when putting on makeup, it is a procedure that in addition to giving you beauty will save you time when you get ready.

For the design of eyebrows hair by hair New York we use the principle of symmetrical design to later make strokes hair by hair following the shape of the natural eyebrows of our clients, making the eyebrow look natural, in this way correcting the different imperfections that the patient may have such as scars, partial or total depopulation, asymmetries due to previous tattoos or simply wanting a redesign of the eyebrows.

To create naturalness in the eyebrows and hair, pigments are chosen with a tone that harmonizes with the color of the hair, the tone of the eyes and the type of skin of the person who performs the eyebrows hair by hair New York, our technique of application allows the color to remain stable unlike other conventional tattoo methods, in which the ink deteriorates over time causing the initial color to transform into a bluish tone and even orange tones.

It is important to clarify that we work with 100% natural imported pigments, which guarantees 1, the quality of the design and 2, that the hair-to-hair eyebrows in New York will not damage the natural eyebrows of our clients.

For those interested in undergoing the hair-to-hair eyebrow procedure in New York for the first time, we will carry out a preliminary study so that you can visualize the design and size of your eyebrows, the next step will be to clean your eyebrows and choose the ideal pigment, finally we begin to design hair above your natural eyebrows, the most important thing to create naturalness is to design the eyebrows according to the direction of the natural hairs of the eyebrows.

Once the design is done, we apply a moisturizing cream and schedule the initial touch-up, which is always after 8 days.

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